‘Every man is an island and all the islands are actually connected beneath the water.’


Leipäsaari A.K.A Leipäsaäåri is a participatory design project where you get to visualize and bake your inner island. Enjoy hopping from your island to others, by tasting bread-island made out of life essential elements – grain, water and air from where you belong.  We would like to use the food as medium to help participants rediscover themselves and their surroundings. The tasty journey has been open to the public for the first time during 2016 Helsinki Design week, and it’s an ongoing project that has been done in different scales and locations.

Visit www.leipasaari.com and check how our journey is going. The workshop encourages participants to create their own island by visual, physical and philosophical questionnaires to reveal their inner identity. The participants have been from all works of life such as  youths, students, immigrates, professional bakers, designers and island residents. Leipäsaari was first introduced at Helsinki Design Week then at the kaffe Centralren in Helsinki with which collaborated to extend their existing business into creative domain.

Leipäsaari at Kaffe Centralren in Helsinki during Helsinki Design Week

Leipäsaari workshop at Saimaa, Finland with designers and artists

Leipäsaari workshop at Yang-gu, South Korea with a self-initiative  community and local famers


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