Food design?



food design is not about making food look more appetising on a plate. We need a broader perspective of the vast scale of food. We are in fact eating designed food everyday.



I am focusing on doubtful, odd, fascinating stories about food and being a storyteller to make us think. What is the difference between the food culture in Korea and in Finland?  What kind of food are we going to have in the future when more and more people live alone and hesitate to cook? How can food represent one nation? How can we understand entangled food chain system in order to make better food choices? I seek out right questions in the food domain and try to find answers together with relevant professionals.

As a food designer, I use the food as a tool to allure people to change the perceptions in order to change consumer behaviour.  Plus, food is generally a knotty subject in the context of which the designer can play a role as a middle man to connect various experts within the matrix of food domain.  Everyday I come across new possibilities and the necessity of design in food. Please have your say on food too.[at]

A correspondent at the Dutch Institute of Food & Design

Ä from food design studio AÄÅ
Art director & food designer at Nosht

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