Alone & Together

Supported by Embassy of the Republic of Korea to Finland, AÄÅ organised food event as the Korean cookbook launching ceremony. Participants experienced Korean culture through making ‘Bibim-Bap’ together.

BibimBap is one of the popular Korean foods, mixing cooked rice with different kinds of vegetables and chilli sauce all together. In the old history, Korean kings had served Bibimbap to lieges whenever every spring season starts. The meaning for this is to harmonise all different parties, even though they have different opinions or colours. Bibimbap has different colours of ingredients and each ingredient is already delicious enough alone. When they are mixed all together, it creates totally new taste. As such, we would like people to feel that we are beautiful alone and even more beautiful together.

As a symbol of each person, we asked participants to bring one of their everyday-use bowls or dishes to share the part of their life with others. Each participant received one cooked vegetable onto their plate and sat with other 5 people, 5 different vegetables to make a bowl of perfect mixed bibimbap.


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