BAP Helsinki is a pop-up restaurant introducing Korean vegan food in the heart of Helsinki. Food design studio AÄÅ and Sangwon Ryu joined to have the Korean feast throughout 8 Sundays in summer 2018. Although Korean BBQ grill is popular worldwide, Korean cuisine can easily adapt vegan by using lots of seasonal veggies and plant based protein. I mainly put my hands on menu development and on-site cooking in the kitchen for first 4 events. Photography and graphic design by Sana Park
1 week. Buddha’s Table
Grande opening with 3 course meal 1.Sweet pumpkin porridge with white kimchi 2.Tofu tangsu, steamed stuffed egg plant, cucumber pickle, kimchi with milk thistle rice, wild sesame soup 3.Korean traditional sweet drink and sugar coated walnut

2 week. DJ Bibimbap
3 week. K-Burger Boyz
4 week. Kimchi Duo

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