‘Going for a walk’ means totally different between Finland and South Korea where I grew up. I have a vivid memory of the first attempt to walk in the forest in Helsinki. It started like a normal park where you can stroll down then it changed into narrow pedestrian road between deep forest. Deep forest life the one you can drive 2 hours from a city, deep forest like the one never has been touched. Above all, to my surprise, kids walk into the deep forest without a hesitation instead of choosing a path.


Nature is perhaps treated differently in Finland than any other places. Finns seemingly admit they are a part of nature. They do not live in a city. Even they have a residence in a city, their heart lives in the nature and naturally going back to it. And the preparation of going into nature is always simple. Coffee, a kettle, a cup, a knife, sausage and a good pair of shoes.


Kokko celebrates the moment when you are in forest making a cup of coffee. Tea light underneath creates cozy mood as well as keeping coffee warm. Copper handle contrasts with white porcelain to embrace the colour of fire.

Porcelain, copper 2014


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