This Laavu storybook is a part of an interactive food design installation, Laavu exhibiting during Milan design week 2017. While three different wild food products are served to the audience members, the storybook is introduced by a storyteller in order to share unique anecdotes which have been collected from interview in Finland.

The interview was the main method in the participatory design process for Laavu. Its purpose was not only to lead participants into thinking about their own values through the questionnaires, but also as a means to convey knowledge. The information delivered to interviewees needed to be considered before creating these questions, in order to provide them with a clear understanding. Therefore, the first step was for the interviewees to get to know the overall idea of the project. Secondly, they undertook the role as suppliers within the simple food chain, as compared to the industrial food chain system. In sharing their own stories about everyman’s right through the interview process, and supplying the wild food, it allowed them to experience the whole journey, rather than just passively observing it.


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