Restaurant Nolla is the first zero waste restaurant in Finland located in Helsinki. They are one of the front runners of developing sustainable waste management in the restaurant industry. It is a much broaden approach to improve current system using various tools from advanced software technology together with waste-collecting company to close cooperation with small local producers. I had an opportunity to catch a glimpse into their hand-on practices about zero waste while seeking a future solution together.

It is a crowd funded company successfully managed to receive excessive attention from shareholders and media. I was asked to create unique loyalty cards for the shareholders. The material was chosen to make a cohesive approach to their philosophy which is a piece of secondhand leather from a recycling centre in Helsinki. The name plate and card holders are designed to indicate individual customers with numbering which is cut and engraved by laser cutting. From this small project we are looking for more cooperation in the near future about food waste and food chain system at large.



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