This project has started with the phenomenon of portion distortion. The modern society we live in has changed our diet habit as mass manufactures beat the economy competition. As a result cheaper foods have been offered for customers and, for the company, portion size has to be growing for a profit. Portion size in the average restaurants in the US is almost four times larger than in the 1950s. It is not only a problem in the US but in general, diet has been more westernized all over the world as fast growing economy. We would rather eat out or grab a ready-made meal for keeping pace with demand in our lives than spend money and time on buying raw ingredients and preparing meals. Products from the project will make people aware of portion size and reconsider food as a nature resource that we have to thank to not take for granted.

I have traced Mother Nature to get back to our root. I would like to emphasize we have had a deep gratitude towards Nature for each meal in tradition. My observation has been particularly focused on verb forms of nature such as changing, evolving, growing and moving to express the ceaseless and immortal nature. For example seeds to sprouts, branches from trunk, flowing stream and etc. These are integrated with the form of tableware to create involvement in the laws of nature with the food moderation we are given from the nature.

Organic shapes of the products naturally control portion size instead of visual optical illusion like comparison with using the same amount of food on a small plate or on a bigger plate in order to suggest using a small plate in which presumably the portion looks bigger to avoid eating more. Firstly, the plate is depicted as branches from trunk and is to place the different kinds of nutrition with right portion size. Secondly, the soup bowl inclines towards deep end with a gradient of approximately 40 degree. Cobalt blue colour indicates the depth of water.


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