“We explore how we create food and what, why and how we eat …… to enrich eating cultures and address the societal and environmental challenges around food using design as a tool to achieve this.”


Since 2018 I have been working as a Korea correspondent for The Dutch Institute of Food and Design.The DIFD is a global platform for designers working with food and eating. The international correspondents share the latest events, projects and issues related subject or more broaden perspective of food scene.

During Dutch Design Week in 2018 all correspondents gave thoughts about what design can do for food, the Food&Design Manifesto. I visually translated this manifesto into diagrams and we are expecting to expend this collective diagram with more insights and visions worldwide by the time.


“Food is not a mere physical material but a tangled subject in the context of which designers can play various roles to accomplish their purpose. Designers in the food domain are not food experts but are observers to point out knotty problems and are facilitators to link all related professionals in the field in order to solve them.” Su Park


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