Camino Cidery produces naturally processed apple cider and cider vinegar using only discarded apples from local farms. The apples are absolutely fine quality but just look different than strict qualification; bias. Therefore the apples they use have strong characteristics. Two lady founders are sincerely dedicated to the local community and constantly create events and projects to connect farmers and consumers and human and nature. I first met the local community members including farmers, government officers and artists when organising the Leipäsaäåri project as a member of AÄÅ in 2016.During the participatory event one farmer shared the story of his organic farm. From getting an organic farm certificate to dealing with lack of consumer understanding about organic farming. Camino Cidery has become a creative junction for the local connection especially with farmers. I have supported their projects ever since by providing visual sources and guidance. The cidery is located in Yang-gu, very close to the border of North and South Korea.

Yang-gu Eat Jang is a current ongoing project sponsored by the local government as a part of their vitalization of local economy plan. It is an open air market with local farmers and food producers at the end of every month. What is special about it is that there is one dominant ingredient with its producer/farmer each month and develop food products with byproduct and introduce to the local consumers.



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